Serving Bryan/College Station For Over 25 Years

For over 25 years, the owner-operator team at Twin City Property Management has been serving renters in the Bryan/College Station area. When we founded our company, the area didn’t quite look the same. But from the beginning and through today, we have always focused on providing the best rental experience we could to our tenants. We plan on continuing this tradition of great customer service for as long as we are in business.

The needs of our renters are important to us. As owners and operators of numerous rental properties in the College Station area, we work hard to make sure that each and every one of our renters has what he or she needs to feel safe and comfortable. You will not find a property management company in the Bryan area that cares more than we do.

TCP BuildingWe own all of our properties, which means that we have a personal connection to the work that we do. When you call our office and talk to our team, no one to get in between you and the decision makers of the company. We can quickly determine what we can do to help you, and make it happen fast. Whether you have a basic question or a maintenance emergency, our team is on top of it. Day or night.

Aggie owned and operated, we love the area and we love helping those associated with Texas A&M. If you are a student or faculty member, or if you are just new to the area, please don’t hesitate to call us and ask for assistance in finding your next rental. Offering rentals in Bryan & College Station including the Wolfpen District, Midtown and Pecan Ridge, we are here to help!